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The studio’s exceptional location makes it perfect to focus on your music whilst having a relaxed time.

Between the cultural city Dresden and the calm nature of Saxon Switzerland, in the middle of apple fields and green nature, you will find Rohrsdorf, a small village on the outskirts of the city. Built into a castle, the studio inspires to create music, refine it and enjoy the experience at the same time. With organic shops and a German cusine restaurant in front of the castle, you will have all options to live healthy during your time here. Our artist community always takes care of you, makes sure everyone is happy and feels like home. Many artists came back for holidays, without even using the studio.

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As soon as you enter the castle, former home to knights and countesses, you feel the atmosphere and get inspired to play music. It’s magical surroundings invite to work on your musical ideas to bring them to life.


A part of the castle is the Bandhotel, a cosy hotel that offers seven individually decorated theme rooms as well as two large artist appartments, providing space for your whole band and crew, making your time here relaxed and comfortable so that you feel at home.



Enjoy our locally brewed beer as well as Chezch and other German beers from the tab. Of course, there is also great wine and alcohol-free beverages. The terrace invites to sit in the sun.


Dresden is a cultural and historical city filled with Baroque architecture, museums, art galleries and a spectecular view on the riverfront where you can enjoy the fantastic local wines. Dresden Neustadt offers a vibrant bar scene, many excellent restaurants and a great night out.


Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland offers the perfect retreat for your day off or relaxing after the session. Only 20-30 min driving get you to one of the most inspiring national parks Germany has to offer. The unique rock formations invite to climb, hikes and outstanding views from the top.

Record, mix and produce in a castle

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Just fantastic! I love to record at Castle Studios!

Sylvia Massy

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